Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Obssessed Wednesday


tick tock... tick tock

A combination of his and her watches...our combined collection of Orises. ;)

the newest addition...bought in Taipei! ♥
 What time is it?


Monday, 26 March 2012


Sharing with you my long overdue outfit posts from Taipei...
Better late than never... ;)

Coat:Ju'S|Top:H&M|Skirt:Mango|Tights, Boots and Scarf:Taipei night market|Purse:Vintage Coach


organic is the way to go

This weekend, I became a member of Healthy Options which entitles me to a P50 rebate for every P1000 purchase I make. Here's to healthier living and a more relaxed lifestyle ;)

All-organic Argan Oil from Morocco and organic lippies

my first purchase

taking care of my skin, hair, and tummy :)
Go organic, I promise, you will never go wrong! ;)


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lovers bridge

We were about to give up looking for this place as it wasn't on any of the maps we had. When we first asked about this place in the Beitou station, the man on the ticket booth seemed unsure of the place and made us think that we might be in the wrong place. Luckily, our perseverance to find it prevailed and a kind lady was able to lead us to the right way. It was a long bus ride going there, but when we got there, it took our breath away. You can instantly feel the romantic vibe the place exudes. There were acoustic singers playing love songs and perfectly set the mood for us! I loved the architecture of the small bridge and loved that it was white amidst the dark clouds (was still raining during this time). It was amazing how the temperature would drop in the afternoons with the wind chill coming and all. It was conducive for hugging and holding onto each other more! ;) I learned that I can walk the whole day without being irritated in cold weathers. So the next time we explore a new country, it better be cold or in the winter to make me a calm traveller. Haha!

love letters on wooden hearts! *sweet!*

this is how I revive my dead feet!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wedding weekend

T.H.E.  A.R.C.H.E.R.  H.I.T.S.  A.N.  E.A.G.L.E.

Attended my bestfriend's wedding with his longtime gf (8 years!!!) in Alabang. I'll have to say, it was the most amazing, heartfelt, genuine wedding we have ever attended. It was the first time A actually noticed the little details in a wedding. We liked everything..from the quaint chapel, to the details during the ceremony, to the flowers, to the reception venue, to the whole program and the food & booze! It was PERFECTION! We hope we emulate the same vibe for our guests when our time comes ;)

To Ayi and Adrei, you have set the bar my friends! Great job in the planning!

with the gorgeous mom of the groom

the newlyweds


next in line! ;)


Thursday, 8 March 2012

CKS Memorial & Beitou hell valley

Squeezed in as many places we could see in one day! It's amazing how we get along whenever we travel together and not fight about which places to go to and which places not to see. I'm glad I said "yes" to him. I can't wait to spend of our lives together, discovering new places, and sharing countless memories together!

Sorry, forgot to warn you on the cheesiness of this post! Haha!

Coat:Marks&Spencer|Dress:People R People|Scarf:Markes&Spencer|Boots:Ximending boutique|Tights:Topshop