Saturday, 30 July 2011


Weekend has finally arrived! I just can't get enough of the weekend! Looking forward to pamper myself with a mean massage, a time in the salon, and some quality time with my nails.

Feeling some hippie vibes for this outfit post. It's amazing how accessorize can change the vibe in an instant! I never used to like accessories, thinking they're just waste of money...but now, I'm just really loving it! My favorite bloggers have helped me embrace the art of layering and sprucing up an outfit with these babies!

Hope you will be pampering yourselves this weekend too! Let's relax and enjoy this weekend!

Dress:Forever 21|Top:H&M|Headband:Girlshoppe|Necklace:Pot of Gold|Shoes:H&M


Thursday, 28 July 2011


Felt like doing a sexy secretary look. If I had some glasses, it would've worked even better! I used to wish I could be an actress when I was younger. I really enjoyed doing plays when I was younger. It gave me an excuse to be somebody else and not feel bad about it. Getting into character is the most interesting part of acting. Once I read the script, I start to imagine what mannerisms, accent, and demeanor my character should have so that I can really call it my own. It just occurred to me how much I miss acting...I miss my creative self!

Top:throfted|Skirt:Mango|Pumps:Zara|Sunnies:Forever 21|Bag:Kate Spade|Belt:The Landmark|Ring:Pot of Gold


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011


Can't believe the weekend is over! I'm too sad to get up and go to work today! I just want to take off and have a mini vacation! The beach would be great since it is scorching out the past few days! The sun is mighty angry lately!

As promised, I will slowly be uploading the rest of my summer remix...

Dress:H&M|Scarf:A's|Belt:Grilshopppe|Necklace:Pot of Gold|Shoes:H&M|Necklace:Aldo|Bag:Mango


Sunday, 24 July 2011


My weekend consisted of 3 things: sleeping, eating, and drinking! I was too stressed out last week that I felt like I needed to catch up on sleep and indulge in sinful, greasy food and great wine! Felt like the whole weekend just sat on my belly and would probably stay there for a while...The guilt was killing me but I couldn't get myself to go on the treadmill...this is what happens when I feel so tired from work..I always have the urge to reward myself...and since I cannot shop yet, I had to do the next best thing (did I mention sinful?) which was eat!

The only time I went out was to go to mass, eat out, and have errands, no mall time! It was great! DVD marathon of Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters kept me company!

Pardon the photos, I just noticed that even my camera was feeling a bit lazy this weekend...maybe feeling a bit sleepy too! This is actually the my last outfit for Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge...Just haven't had the time to upload everything just yet...promise to upload the rest in the coming days

Dress:thrifted|Belt:People R People|Cardigan:H&M|Necklace:Pot of Gold|Bag:H&M|Earings:Pot of Gold|Bangles:from travels|Wedges:Promod


Saturday, 23 July 2011


As all of you may have noticed, I have been doing posts from our house and not the new place...have decided to do some redecorating and been having some men working on the place so back to the old place for now. 

It's been a hell of a week for me, been spending more than he usual time at work lately because of new projects and new people to deal with. This was what I wore yesterday. Even Friday wasn't relaxing for me... :(

On other news, I had my hair done, I had redone the color and put some highlights too. I think it gave me the punch I was going for :) 

The weekend is all I wait for! Here's to a great and hopefully long weekend to everyone!

Dress (worn as top):thrifted|Skirt:Old Navy|Wedges:Promod|Bag:Ferragamo|Bangles:from various trips|Necklace (worn as belt):Bangkok find|Necklaces:Pot of Gold|Ring:Forever 21


Thursday, 21 July 2011


Sorry, it's one of those days when I had to attend meetings, hence the oh-so-corporate look. It feels boring so I hope the sheer top and the flower belt did the trick. My week was sooo long, I felt I had to slap myself every once in a while to stay awake! Haha!

 Hope last week wasn't such a drab for all of you...Here's to a brighter and more entertaining week ahead of us...would love to hear how your weekend went ;)

I'll be having my nails done again this weekend...the last time I went to have it done, I chose Essie's Whisper...what do you think should I have next??

L-R: Opi's Suzie Says Feng Shui, China Glaze's Refresh Mint, Essie's Sante Fe Mauve, Essie's Whisper

Top:Mom's closet|Skirt:Mango|Bag:Kate Spade|Belt:People R People|Necklace:Forever 21|Leaf bangle:thrifted|Giraffe bracelet:gifted|Sunnies:Forever 21


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Obssessed Wednesday

Can't get enough of pastel jeans!!!

Fabrizio Gianni Spring Collection

Cameron Diaz

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Rachel Bilson

LeAnne Rimes

Victoria Beckham

Can't wait to try this trend on! Color blocking at its finest! I think this will be my first purchase after fasting for 30 days! Just can't decide if I should get the mint or the peach...what do you think would look better on me? And please don't say both...I'm trying to save some money! Haha!

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I was playing with colors during the weekend! This was what I wore while running errands and window shopping...I was thisclose to scoring some bargain items from my favorite thriftshop. I was also thisclose to tears when I had to leave empty-handed...I guess I have to celebrate for having stronger control over that inner voice my pockets so hate! Celebrate = shopping??? Do I hear claps of agreement! Darn it's just that inner voice again...Oh bugger! :(

Cardigan(worn as top):H&M|Pants:Mango|Scarf:thrifted|Pumps:Marks&Spencer|Bangles:gifed,WWW&Forever 21:Necklace:Aldo|Sunnies:Celine|Bag:thrifted