Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Moving in

I've been MIA-ing this past week as I'm pretty busy moving in to my new place...Been buying a lot of stuff for the apartment and rearranging the furnitures to find the perfect space saving ambience ;)

A glimpse of how the new place looks like...


dining area

living area

Thinking of adding a few more items along the way...

s.o.f.a  b.e.d

 c.o.n.s.o.l.e  t.a.b.l.e

My first weekend in the apartment was spent shopping, doing a marathon of The Amazing Race season 16, and drinks with my girls...

drinks at Bugsy's, Burgos Circle

Did you notice my tan lines? Summer is ♥!

Top:Forever 21|Mini skirt:Cotton On|Sandals:Flea market find



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