Saturday, 2 June 2012

Wedding Weekend

I want to have especially since we got engaged in the country of sky lanterns!

i love cheese!

W.E.D.D.I.N.G  T.H.E.M.E

At first I wanted a black and white theme to coincide with the yin and yang symbol. A and I are a perfect example of opposites attract...but then he doesn't like anything black during our wedding. He doesn't like bright colors either...(I love how involved he is on this!!!) So I gathered up my thoughts to find the perfect colors, the perfect theme...we both like to travel, we are opposites, we met in a company (now my previous)...I came up with a color combination and presented it to him, he absolutely loved it! it's luxurious and classic, we both liked classic pieces and classic/traditional notions. I am definitely going to be a traditional, yet modern bride! From here, we decided that our theme would be modern classicist and our wedding colors would be midnight blue and champagne!

definitely going to be my bouquet!

love these dresses!

modern buttonaire

cool phot set up idea!

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