Sunday, 14 August 2011

Swingin' in Singapore

It was my sister's and my first time to travel out of the country together. What better way to do it than in Singapore during the great SG sale! It was both our first time there, usually we'd take lots of photos but since the trip consisted of shopping, it was pretty hard to do photos with all the bags in tow... ;)

our Singapore home

waiting for our bus
 We spent our first 2 days going around the malls and checking out the great SALE! We walked until we can't walk no more!!! It was very hot and humid...I hated the weather..I still love HK better than Singapore...

The first day comprised of mall hopping in Orchard Road, the second day was dedicated to IKEA! We were in heaven and didn't want to leave! Haha! We had to purchase extra kilos for our luggages!!!

On our last day there, we decided to be tourists and go around their famous tourist spots.

made my heart skip a beat!



  1. Great photos!

  2. Ikea love indeed - wow! What a pretty room. Jealous you're in Singapore!!

  3. Too bad we didn't get to stay long although it is a pretty small country, so not much excitement going on...I would've wanted to wine and dine at the Marina Bay Sands though...maybe next time! ;)

  4. so cute


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