Friday, 13 January 2012

Yummy Yakitori

In our efforts to have a healthier lifestyle, we checked out a new yakitori restaurant in the village. We can't stop ourselves from eating out, so why not discover restaurants which offer healthy options? Tucked away in an unassuming space near the public market, it is definitely a hole in the wall waiting to surprise your tastebuds. The fact that the Japanese owner entertains his Jap buddies here adds to the charm and authenticity of the place.

We tried 5 different kinds of yakitori and enjoyed every bit of it! Yakitori is Japanese for grilled meat on skewers. It's very tasty especially when you sprinkle some Japanese chili powder before taking a bite. It really was good...definitely going back for more!

chicken, bacon wrapped asparagus, pork

grilled on rice

bacon wrapped quail eggs, gizzard, shitake mushrooms

This week was a blur...hope you all have a great weekend! ;)

Ookini Yakitori Restaurant is located near the public market of BF Homes phase 1.

Dress:H&M|Jacket:Jones New York|Shoes:Topshop|Purse:Kate Spade|Watch:IWC|Bangles:travel and bazaar finds|Necklace:thrifted



  1. love that striped dress and how you styled it. and ohhh my heavens, yakitori sounds amaaaaazing! wonder if I can find any in Minneapolis!! xoxo!!

  2. That dinner looks amazing! Also, love your hot pink's about 20 degrees in Chicago today..freezing out!

  3. That pink is so pretty on you!!!

  4. So cute! I love the pop of pink, and your accessories are fabulous!! I love your blog, I'm now following :)

    xo Gillie

  5. is A-Mazing! I hope you find one in Minneapolis! It's really a must-try!

    @Bravoe Runway...Thanks! My brother lives in Chicago and he says it really is freezing right now!

    @Sarah & Ashley...Thanks! ;)

    @Gillie...Thanks for following ;)

  6. Such a great post dear! Love it ^^ Mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. Thanks for your visit and comment!!! I'm following you on bloglovin and gfc, hope you'll follow back on both!!! xoxo

  8. Wow, the food looks so appetizing. I haven't tried Yakitori yet. Love the pink jacket against the chic stripes!

  9. I love the pink with the stripes!!!


  10. i loveee your pink blazer awesome combination

    from walkinginwonderland

  11. @Karina...thanks dear! will sure to check our your cool blog often ;)

    @Valeria...Thanks! I'm loving your blog...will be sure to follow ;)

    @Key to chic...It's gooood!!! Thanks!

    @Heather...Thanks! it made the outfit pop!

    @Marie Jane...Thanks dear!

  12. such a cute outfit! love it! xo


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