Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Getting hitched!

Before, you get any ideas...NO, that's not me getting hitched! ;) 

Last December, My long-time friend and her long time bf came home (K&A are based in SanFo) for a couple of weeks to be with family and friends and do some preps for their wedding...since my friends know my passion for photography, they encouraged me to give pre nups a try---no pressure, just plain fun! It was pouring that day and we thought of cancelling, but come 4ish, it just stopped! Not exactly the kind of weather I would've hoped to shoot with (I wanted the sun and my fave clouds to be out), but we managed pretty well. Thanks to "CAT" who allowed us to shoot by the poolside of her condo...

So, here's a glimpse of how it went that day...

The location

Congrats K&A!!!

Playing with umbrellas

I am feeling all mushy though as A did something pretty awesome for me yesterday. We NEVER celebrated Valentine's Day, guess you could call us the Scrooge of that occassion..We just didn't want to celebrate with the whole world, go through all the horrendous traffic, make restaurant reservations weeks ahead, walk around with flowers in hand, and all the shebang! So imagine my shock when I got a call from our receptionist telling me I have a delivery and that I have to go down and get it. When I went down, a bouquet of colorful and smiling gerberas greeted me! I was embarassed and touched at the same time! It was the first time ever that I had flowers sent to me in my office. And the first time ever A surprised me on Vday! I must say, my hats off to you, lolo pulled it off perfectly! I didn't expect it! So...a big THANK YOU!!! ♥♥


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