Sunday, 24 July 2011


My weekend consisted of 3 things: sleeping, eating, and drinking! I was too stressed out last week that I felt like I needed to catch up on sleep and indulge in sinful, greasy food and great wine! Felt like the whole weekend just sat on my belly and would probably stay there for a while...The guilt was killing me but I couldn't get myself to go on the treadmill...this is what happens when I feel so tired from work..I always have the urge to reward myself...and since I cannot shop yet, I had to do the next best thing (did I mention sinful?) which was eat!

The only time I went out was to go to mass, eat out, and have errands, no mall time! It was great! DVD marathon of Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters kept me company!

Pardon the photos, I just noticed that even my camera was feeling a bit lazy this weekend...maybe feeling a bit sleepy too! This is actually the my last outfit for Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge...Just haven't had the time to upload everything just yet...promise to upload the rest in the coming days

Dress:thrifted|Belt:People R People|Cardigan:H&M|Necklace:Pot of Gold|Bag:H&M|Earings:Pot of Gold|Bangles:from travels|Wedges:Promod



  1. bangles!! love :) Looking super slim here, love that orange on you!

  2. Lovely dress! Can't wait to see your other 30x30 outfits.

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend!!!!
    You look great in this dress! I love the color, pattern and how you've accessorized!

  4. my day consisted in those 3 things;)
    gorgeous dress, love it!

  5. sounds like a perfect weekend to me - i know how you feel sometimes there is just no need t get off the couch - enjoy yourself girl xx

  6. I can't believe you thrifted that dress! It looks brand new! You look very stylish this is a lovely look! I love your blog, it's amazing, I'm your newest follower too!
    Would you follow me?
    xx, Maria

  7. such lovely pictures! you look so nice


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