Friday, 15 July 2011


I had the misfortune of obtaining an NBI Clearance this week. While I am all giddy about my upcoming China trip, this specific requirement for their visa is just a dreadful and painful experience!!! First off, the venue (Victory Mall, Caloocan City and other kiosks around the city) has been changed without any advisory or information from the NBI website. This meant having to go to their headquarters in U.N. Avenue, as tiny as I am, waiting in line in this place is close to impossible. I have to make sure I don't get sucked in by the crowd. Secondly, they do not honor renewal of the clearance as everyone should process a new application as they have upgraded to the new system (I'm thinking more like a downgrade, if you ask me). My first attempt was a complete disaster, I waited in line for an hour in their headquarter, only to find out that they ran out of forms at noon!!! That's just a crappy waste of my time!

The following day, I headed to another venue, Robinson's Mall Otis (Select municipal offices and Robinson's malls also accept processing of NBI clearance..Mandaluyong, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa Municipal offices and Galleria & Ermita to mention a few). Although it took me 3 hours to process this, I found it a little less trickier than my first encounter. The officers in Otis were more professional and considerate. The people were significantly less, they were very organized and it was in an airconditioned area so that lowered the possibilities of people getting annoyed.

Although it was unfortunate that I, apparently have a namesake (mind you, I have a very long name!!!), I'm still grateful that I will be getting it in a week's time(I was expecting they would release it in 3-4 weeks). Thing is, I still have to go back to that horrendous headquarter to claim it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be any other issue and that I wouldn't have to spend an hour when I claim it next week.

This, by far, is my longest post and it's not a very good one...haha! i just wanted to share my experience so that people can learn from it. Can you imagine me sweating at the headquarters in this outfit?? Haha! I had to take out the scarf when I was there, people were giving me strange stares...hahaha! I hope I didn't bore you too much!

Super loving my 2 priced possessions that were given to me by 2 of my closest friends ;) Have I told you giraffe is my favorite animal? Dogs are my favorite pet! :D

Almost forgot to mention I had the skirt altered coz I lost a bit of weight (yaaayy!!!) and that these bangles have been gifted to me by 2 of my closest love love these! ;)

Top:Mango|Skirt:Old Navy|Scarf:thrifted|Bangles:gifted|Pumps:Marks&Spencer|Sunnies:Forever 21



  1. :X That giraffe bracelet is soooo cute. Eep. I want it.

    And I'm sorry to hear about that experience :( Sounds pretty awful.

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  2. Loving those charm accessories. So cute!
    Love the whole ensemble to, great colors.
    Cute blog, this is my first time here :D

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  3. great look!!
    im following u now if u want visit me and follow me back :)

  4. Love the scarf! I adore the look of a printed scarf against a printed shirt.


  5. Love your pattern mixing! You look GREAT! :D

  6. ooooh I am digging your scarf! very cool

    im having a necklace giveaway on my blog if you are interested :)


  7. thanks for the lovely comments everyone! really love this scarf too! it reminds me of jesters..haha! this is the reason why im so hooked in's like opening a treasure chest, you'd never know what to expect and usually you find lil treasures to keep ;)


  8. I really like this post! Not boring at all, visa stuff fascinates me as I spent the last 2 months filling in an application myself! I love the backdrop to this lil shoot, and the bracelets are gorgeous! What lovely friends :) It wont let me reply to your comment on my blog, boo! But Id suggest going caveman to see what happens :) Loves!

  9. @Rachinald...haha! That's just wonderful! Spontaneity! Let me know how it goes... ;) Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


  10. just found your blog!love your style!!
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  11. Thanks! Happy to welcome someone from Prague! Will definitely drop by! ;)

  12. You are for sure not a bore! Not even with a long post and especially not with that amazing outfit! Saw your pic on Shana's ColorBlind blog. Glad you are a fellow Thrift-a-holic!

    Get Up & Go

  13. Thanks Sarah! Sometimes I find myself boring with my endless ramblings about non-sense issues..maybe that's just me! :D I can never get enough of thrifting and scouring through my mom's/grandma's closets! It's just so much fun to make classic pieces into your very own! I want to learn how to sew so that I can reconstruct my finds on my own! That would make thrifting even more interesting, don't you think? ;)


  14. Cute scarf ! Love the mix of pattern and colors.

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