Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summer cleaning

Clockwise: Camis and tanks, shorts and socks, bras, underwear

Finally organized the little closet space I have in the new place...which explains my limited clothes hung inside the closet. Good thing I found these space savers (P88 at the Japan Home Store and S$9 at IKEA) to help me keep my clothes at bay.

After that, I got hungry and retreated with a book through the night.. I love the peace the rain brings. It's always great to snuggle with a great book and hot cocoa in bed during the cold weather. ;)

Pasta Mediterannean Salad from Pancake House

Froyo from 711!

One of my favorites in the new place... Isn't this cool? I was so tempted to get some floor lamps in IKEA to match this ceiling lamps I have.



  1. I love your accessories... I really need to organise my wardrobe too :)))

  2. Feels great to have a well-organized closet but can be soo difficult to start! ;)



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