Monday, 5 September 2011

Shanghai Surprise!

 A and I recently travelled to Shanghai and Beijing for 10 days. For this post, I will showcase snippets of our Shanghai trip first. It was a glorious journey rich with history, culture, diversity, and modern wonders! It was a great experience, and the longest we've ever been in a trip together...there were ALOT of patience, understanding and discoveries involved between us. It made us look forward to more adventures together!

The fastest speed of the train was 303 km/h during our trip. It was fast, yet we didn't feel the impact of the speed. It was great!

Resting our tired feet
More photos to come...


  1. Id love to travel there! Also love your sandals, so cute! :)

  2. Thanks! They're very comfy too! Perfect for travelling! ;)


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