Monday, 25 April 2011

Paradise on Easter!

Thursday felt like we were waiting the whole day. Our flight was delayed for 3 hours, we were in the airport for 4 hours!!! I was in my crankiest mood and would crack at just about anything! Cebu never seemed so far!

The travel to Bantayan was a total of 3.5 hours..

Trying to amuse ourselves with games at the airport
Finally, after 9 hours...
 we were tired and hungry but when we saw this, everything changed...

B.a.n.t.a.y.a.n   I.s.l.a.n.d

the endless shoreline with shallow waters

A great reason to get baked!

Frolicking under the sun

It was a perfect getaway and a laid back holiday for us! Stress be gone! Wish we can stay longer!

Have I mentioned how fantabulous the food was??? It was D-I-V-I-N-E!!!
Heaven on a grill!

Grilled Tiger Prawns
 M.a.c.t.a.n   I.s.l.a.n.d

Hello sunshine!

It was a great holiday for all of us. We were recharged and relaxed! We need more vacations like this. I hope the government brings back holiday economics in the country. Boo to no long weekends this year! :(

The freshest fruit selection

We promise to be back! ;)



  1. oh my goodness I'm so envious of your beautiful vacation, sun & sand and fabulous food. Eeee, beyond amazing. Happy Monday. xx veronika

  2. oh my, what a lovely tropical getaway. so fun to see palm trees & sand & ocean... mm. love it! <3

  3. @GIRL AND CLOSET..It truly is BEYOND amazing! ;) Hope you enjoyed your easter too!

    @Ruby of the few priceless moments in the world!
    PS. Love the colors on your blog! ;)


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