Friday, 15 April 2011

Weekend can't wait

Or should I say, I can't wait for the weekend...but it's too long so let's stick to the first one...I am in a laid back mood the whole week since I didn't have much to do at work as my boss is of the few times my life is a little less crazy..haha!

My friends and I have been planning a weekend getaway and it's finally here! Tomorrow we will be in Subic to have some fun, relaxation, and A LOT of heavy drinking!!! Will post photos next week, assuming we can hold on to our cameras.

Here's to a fun and relaxing weekend for everyone! Lemme know how your weekend goes... c",)

Dress:Zara|Cardigan:Mango|Belt:People are People|Wedge sandals:Promod|Reindeer necklace:Forever21|Pink bangle:from HK flea market|Turquoise teardrop earings:The Weekend Shop



  1. Hi Cindy! I love that dress from Zara!!

    Monique xx

  2. Hi Monique! I love it too! It's very comfy and cute! ;)

    Thanks for visiting!


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