Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sweet escape

2 Saturdays ago, I have been bugging my girlfriends to go dancing again. It's been a while since we last went out. We'd always have a laid-back "lola" booze session which basically  comprises of a few  drinks and fun conersation...Then out of nowhere, our friends got engaged in Intramuros!!! The story of the engagement was just too cute and we couldn't be happier for the new newly-weds-to-be!

Opus dinner with A
Ordered the ravioli with asparagus foam --- DIVINE! I had a glass of chardonnay while A had 2 glasses of beer while we await our friends.
C, M, and M

failed attempt of an outfit post

Congrats M and M!!!

A lot of craziness happened that night but will not disclose the details and just keep it to ourselves. I was sworn to secrecy! Hahaha!

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