Friday, 18 March 2011

Travel wishlist for 2011

I hope to cross them all out of my list one by one this year...mostly are beach destinations(I breathe the beach). I always make sure I visit the beach at least thrice a year, but this year, it's different as I want to go back to surfing! I haven't been surfing for like forever and I miss the natural high I get when I'm catching the waves!

I just love the fact that I live in a country where beaches are abundant and flights are cheap! Haha!

So for domestic destinations, here are the places on top of my list:


Found on the Eastern shoreline of the Philippines, facing the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine deep. Siargao offers virtually the best of what this country has to offer -- coral reef islets, white sand beaches, emerald lagoons, mangrove rivers, palm trees, rice fields, rainforests, cliffs, and caves. To know more about this island, visit this site
Thinking of staying in this resort:

c.a.l.a.g.u.a.s / c.a.r.a.m.o.a.n

These secret paradises remain unexploited from the commercial tourism, which adds to their appeal. Not a lot of resorts can be found here. In fact, there are no resorts in Calaguas at all. You can only camp on the beach. Caramoan was the location for Survivor France and have heard that Survivor Israel will also be using the same island for their location. I might be getting you confused, Calaguas and Caramoan are entirely different islands, Calaguas is in Camarines Norte (northern side), while Caramoan is in Camarines Sur (southern side) but are both in the Visayas group of islands.

t.a.w.i - t.a.w.i

Tawi tawi is an island province in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), this island is not very famous with both locals and tourists alike as there's a misconception that it is dangerous to go here, as it is located in Mindanao. It is the southernmost of the country sharing sea borders with the Malaysian State of Sabah and the Indonesian Kalimantan province. Actually, it is one of the safest provinces in Mindanao. My adventurous side kicks in whenever I see fear in the eyes of the people I ask to go with me. No one wants to risk, well except for my favorite travel buddy, A! So I'm looking forward to be non-conformists and visit the island together!! 


It being the smallest province of the Philippines, I think it becomes charming and enticing to visit the place all the more. There doesn't used to be a lot of flights going to and from Basco (capital of Batanes), good thing SeaAir is now flying daily!! There's not much you can do around here though, so this is not for the wild ones. This is a perfect retreat if you want some R&R, some alone time, or just have a lazy weekend with your friends or the ♥♥!

The province is composed of 10 islands and is at the northernmost tip of the country, so it is frequented by A LOT of typhoons, be sure to plan a trip in the summer (March-May) to avoid being stuck there for days.

And on to international destinations...

s.i.n.g.a.p.o.r.e (To be crossed out in June!)

Clark Quay, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, Orchard Road...going to be a weekend full of shopping, wining & dining, shopping, photographing, and bonding with my dear sister! Can't wait!!! ;)

l.o.s  a.n.g.e.l.e.s

Long awaited plan to visit my sister's family and A's cousins. I'm sure it will be refreshing to finally get out of Asia!

While we're in the US, thought of going to one of my favorite states...

n.e.w  y.o.r.k!!!

Aaahh...New York! New York! I've always understood the fascination of Spike Lee and Woody Allen to this magnanimous city! It just takes your breath away! I've never been there but I'm sure it will not disappoint considering my high expectations..I'm certain it will still be met and give me so much more! NYC's appeal is not just about their pizza and cheesecake. It's more about the lights that are on to blind me and the endless possibilities! I can imagine my dream of living ala SATC (what girl wouldn't want that?! haha!) would kick in while I walk the streets of 5th avenue and Manhattan. Oh, and have I mentioned the little shops I would love to visit?! And, okay a visit to Wall Street wouldn't hurt either...I'll do it for A. :D I'm sure a week will not be enough to explore this city.



  1. wow!the first pic seems the paradise!!!:D
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  2. Siargao does have some of the finest beaches! I do hope to visit it this year...You have a very exciting blog! I'm hooked! ;)


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