Monday, 13 June 2011

30 x 30

It's finally here! The long wait is finally over. Here's something that would really challenge and whack my head off...

So, I've signed up for Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge where I will be remixing 30 items of clothing for 30 days. Sounds pretty easy? Not for me! I'm the type of person who would decide on what to wear the night before and end up wearing a totally different outfit the next day. So planning for a month is TOUGH! Oh did I mention that the challenge also prohibits you to shop for 30 DAYS??!! This will be one for the books!

So here is the list I've come up with...really hoping I make it till the very last day! ;)
You can read more about this challenge in  Kendi's blog


I had to take out the hot pink slim jeans and the gray slim jeans as they totally died on me! after washing them, they just shrank on me and would be impossible to squeeze my way into them...and while I am doing some changes, I've decided to change some other pieces as I think the color scheme of my original choice are a bit too bland...

From these:

Hot pink slim jeans
Gray slim jeans
thrifted brown lace top
Bayo B&W stripes longsleeves
thrifted 3/4 gray sheer top
cotton on zebra print top

To these:
Charles & Keith taupe gladiators
Diva Soul ikat print dress
Mango brown pencil skirt
Mango denim pants
Mango stripes top
thrifted mustard dress

I hope this won't be considered as cheating...just being true to my zodiac, I guess... FICKLE! FICKLE! FICKLE! :)


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