Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Baby, it's cold outside...and it's only summer. Been experiencing wet days lately. For that, I am loving my new trenchie. It's not built for cold weather but just a protection from the rain. Perfect for the tropical weather Manila has.

The black patent pumps is my new favorite thing! It's comfy, it's polished, and it's my birthday present from A!!! ;)

The weather makes me want to curl up in bed and forget about work...I wish I can just stay in bed the whole day...since I can't do that, I'll just surrender to the second best thing...EAT! Haha!

Salmon pasta and Chocolate cake from Malcolm's Place

Gelatto love from Bar Dolci
Have I mentioned I am either gaining weight or just totally bloating?! Argh!

Last weekend, I had my nails done... At first I wanted the bright lilac, but when it started raining, I changed my mind and went for the nude instead...China Glaze's Cashmere Creme

 Also, today marks the first day of my take on the 30 for 30 challenge...wish me luck! I love Kendi to bits and she has inspired me in more ways than one...I can read her blog the whole day and find myself wanting more....it's totally addicting! Plus she's a total babe!

Check her out!!!

Here's to making it to the end.... =)



  1. lovely coat!
    i like your blog!i follow you, and i hope u'll follow me back!


  2. Thanks Deborah! Cool blog! ;)Following you now...


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