Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bulldogs & Sticky Fingers

Today was H&M/Mango/Zara/Cotton On time!!! Trooped Granville Rd and Queens Road for good finds with great deals! I was feeling tired too soon, maybe the weather got the better outta me, I couldn't let a good day pass, I guess I just needed sugar...loads of them! Nice excuse, don't you think? ;)

Hello truffle... I think I'm in Heaven!

Couldn't stop staring

Yummy Macarons!
We had dinner at this great Chinese Restaurant over at iSquare Building near our hotel called New Canton Restaurant...Authentic Cantonese food which promised divinity!

Seafood something

Ribs something

Spinach something

We never travelled together without meeting some locals or even some expats living in the country. What better way to do that but by visiting the local bars for a fun night out! That night, we met Bo, a Swiss national who's visiting for a friend's wedding. He approached our table as he heard us speaking Tagalog. Turns out he used to live in the Phils for years during the 80's. Too bad we didn't get to take a photo with him..guess we were all pretty wasted that time! Heehee!

 Romper:H&M|Cardigan:H&M|Ballet flats:Cotton On|Sling Bag:Mango


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