Thursday, 23 June 2011


Taken from last week...pretty obvious as the weather was still bright and sunny. We are now entering the wet part of the year. I love how cool it is! Bring out the coats and the scarves, baby!!! I hope I can get away with 1 trenchie in my 30x30 challenge...It's certainly going to have one fine ride with me in the next few weeks!

However gloomy the weather is, I have to say the rain always brings out the best in me. No more Cranky Candy! Haha! let me bid goodbye to the sun and stay cuddled in bed :D Hope the weather's giving you good mood these days too!

 Sharing my song of the moment...perfect for the cold weather!

Stripes dress:H&M|Beige top:H&M|Black flats:H&M|Necklace:thrifted|Bangle:Forever 21


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